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Has anyone seen a blackbirds yet in their garden I miss them can't wait for them too come back? :-P


We have blackbirds constantly in the garden, they breed here, much to my cats annoyance as they swoop right down on him, almost pecking him and making a hell of a racket.  He can't run indoors quick enough. 

I didn't know they went anywhere ? Do they migrate?  I think may be some do some don't.

We haven't had blackbirds for a while - I can't understand why as I am sure that we normally have them year round.  We used have them nesting in our garden but none this year. I must ask locally too.


Plenty blackbirds. They have already stripped the berries off three pyracanthas.


We have blackbirds all year here though they are not so evident in the summer. They've just started to eat the cotoneaster berries so it looks as though autumn is well on its way.


Possibly you mean because of the late summer moult? They tend to disappear for quite a few weeks in August. 


For several weeks we've not seen much but sparrows, now we're starting to see robins, blackbirds and goldfinches.

I hope that is the cause of our lack of blackbirds at present Papi Jo, thanks for the link.

Thanks Mark56 and Papi Jo for info about moulting. This seems to be the case as we have seen some "scruffy" blackbirds in the last couple of weeks

Paul Charnock

We had blackbirds nesting again this year and this time in a field maple very close to the house. I guess they are getting used to us. What was odd was that the female sat on the nest for many weeks in late spring but didn't lay eggs untill mad summer. It was great to watch all the fledglings being trained on the art of flying and food collection. they are all still around.
As someone said, they are very aggressive (impressively so) towards all cats in the area and do swoop down on masse to try and get rid of them. I almost felt sorry for the cat who was nowhere near the garden just minding it's own business sunning itself. Their aggresion towards cats though is nothing compared to their reaction against Magpies.

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We have had a family of juveniles (4 at once) on our lawn morning & evening for a month now.

I don't usually have Blackbirds during summer and I miss them too. Hopefully it won't be long before they're visiting again for all of us.


Lovely to have them so regularly Iain. I used to get more when I lived round the corner, but there wasn't a single one visiting this garden when I moved in. It's taken a couple of years to get them in and I had a couple of pairs last year which was lovely. Just shows what can happen with a little effort and the right conditions. 

Like ladygardener's, they're a bit absent over summer,  but they'll be back for all the berries soon. Doesn't take long for them to strip the cotoneasters at the back of the shed  


We usually have a few blackbirds pecking at the fallen, damaged apples on the lawn, which I leave there on purpose for them, however this year we have had none - most strange.

Sadly "mine" did not nest in my garden this year but I am happy to claim them. They come as visitors from a neighbouring garden, last time we had any the Magpies drove them out!

I haven't seen any blackbirds in the garden yet 

The Blue Tits and robins are back in the garden now. 

Spent a lovely 15 mins yesterday when all the local birds seemed to be flitting back & forth. Only 2 Blackbirds this time so I guess the juveniles have had to find their own area to patrol now. We saw Dunnocks blue & great tits a pair of wrens and the resident  robin of course. They were all systematically going through the shrubs & around the pots piking off whatever they could find- not sure it's the best use of my time but very relaxing.


Definitely the best use of your time.  You'll never have those 15 minutes again, and it's not long to postpone whatever else you might have done.