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after 3yrs of no birds nesting in my boxes & when they did it was usually the great pleased to announce the arrival of 2 boxes being nested in & they are Blue tits...have not seen any for a number of years...wonderful... cambridge

hollie hock

Hello, great news

You must be really pleased after the 3 year wait

Well done Jean.  We have a brood of Blue Tits, which should be fledging in a few days time. Right next door to the Blue Tit box we have a Linnet nesting in a Pyracantha. It is great watching all the comings and goings.


Hi !

thought both my boxes were blue tits but not the blues are very active I saw them but other one I only ever saw tail going in on odd occasions..but yesterday saw the other one is great tits.. I am in cambridge...where r u.. very envious of you with the linnets..I could sit all day watching them. just love nature..

Not amillion miles away jean. Between Bury St Edmunds and Diss

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