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Evening all, Excuse the daft q but I noticed small bubbles rising to the surface of my pond today and I've not seen this before. Do you think it could be underwater amphibians causing them? I've not seen any frogs but I do hear plopping noises when I approach so I assume that's them diving in. The frogs seem to be very quiet at the moment though. Think I've given them too many hiding places as I hardly see them whereas last year I had 5 frogs at this time. The pond is over a yr old now and I'm still to see any newts in it but I keep hoping that one will take a fancy to the pond.

Might be the oxygenating plants making oxygen

Hi Nut,
Oh yes I didn't consider that. Thx

Our pond got a puncture in the bottom thanks to a heron. We had to bale the whole thing out in double quick time and find temporary homes for all the plants and fish. In doing so we found that we were also playing host to dozens of toads, frogs, newts and hundreds of invertebrates such as dragonfly nymphs.

Even though you can't see them, they will be in there.



I noticed the small bubbles in the pond but could not find anything, so I went out at night with a torch and found 15 newts lying just under the surface of the water, they seem more relaxed when it's dark, hope this helps.


Thanks guys,
I'm going to go out tonight when it's a bit darker and have a look. I would so love my little pond to attract a newt
Jack 3

I had all these bubbles coming up really quite a lot the other day, I put it down to the plants. lots of the mud from the bottom started to rise to the top with them and my pond looked very murky for a day or too, but then heavy rain fell and now it's back looking clear again. I would so love to see newts too, going to go out with a torch once it's settled a bit more.

Jack, I really hope we both have newts turn up soon. I've been out every night with a torch but nothing yet.

Newts breed in water but they don't spend all their time in water.

Sometimes they lurk under seed trays



Aw shucks, they are so cute

Aww, I will have a look under my pots tomorrow night

This was last summer's day time roost. On the shady side of the house, I never find any on the sunny side.


I've just found out that the site where I work has great crested newts (they've just had a survey pending a new workshop). I keep wondering if the bosses will think me mad if I ask if I can return in the evening to see if I can spot one or two!!


I see mine in the day time Clarington. Especially on warm days, they hover just under the surface of the water

The one on the right looks exactly like the metal newt on my shed door, maybe he was the model!



He was Mrs G, I've seen his contract

A metal newt? I like the sound of that

I love metal work garden ornaments I've got two snails too, packed up in a box from when we moved.   They look even better when they start to rust a bit!

I'd love to but our camera is broken and my phone is awful.


I'll just have to imagine