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The Artist


Ive received a small bug box as a gift and wondered if it matters where i put it in my garden? Presently it is attached to the front of my shed not specifically sheltered, will that matter? 


Hi there

I'd go for a sheltered position, not windy. Also near plants, think 'wildlife corridor'. It needs to be close to where the bugs are looking for nectar, eating the leaves, etc.

flowering rose

on mine it said in sunny spot protected from bad weather in short,

Have had one in the garden for couple of years. Do I have to clear the tubes, restuff the spaces or clean it out at all please? have so far left it and the bugs to their own devices. 

Hedge Hog

Hi The Artist,  our bug box is on a potting shed next to our veg patch, gets morning sun, but shaded by time sun gets high/hot.  Leaf cutter bees cut circles out of my spinach last year and used them to fill the holes where they lay their eggs. 

Hi deadkenndaisy, personally I clean ours in the winter, but don't know if you are supposed to....



I suppose they can be cleaned any time as long as there's nobody home.

The Artist

Thank you all for your comments. I'm thinking mine may not be in the best of sites as it is somewhat exposed to the elements. As for cleaning them out, that is something i hadn't even thought it would need!

for best results site in a warm, sunny, sheltered position, out of prevailing winds and close to vegetation.

Many thanks for all replies. Will get going once checked residents have moved on.

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