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I have had so many butterflies in the garden this summer, this morning the Buddleja had 21, the Sedum had 8 and there were 7 or more on the walls of the house, they are here all day. The Echinacea has had as many as 3 bees on each flower, this hads happened every day throught the summer.


Wonderful things butterflies, extra flowers.

flowering rose

This year seems to be a good year for butterflies and bees ,maybe its the hot weather more of a summer than of late.Certainely out on the Mendips and in somerset countryside there has been abundance of butterflies.lets hope it s a good sign for the re-turn of mass butterflies.


 Just two pics of tortoiseshell and comma on my 'weeds'


 Think this a whitetailed bb. but not sure.

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