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I've got a white buddleia and its attracted loads of butterflies, wasps and bees.  Its been wonderful watching them.  Wish I'd got a buddleia before.  


Thanks Rosemary. Yes they are lovely plants.


One day last weeek we had so many butterflies on the buddleja that when I walked past and they flew off it was like a snow storm, don't ever remember so many. Pity I don't have the same number of ladybirds.

Can't say I'm happy at the minute with the cabbage whites.

I planted my nasturtiums too close to my veg bed for companion planting.  They attracted so many white butterflies they laid eggs on kale and brussels through net on touching leaves ... managed to pick off most caterpillars but not before they had made a lot of holes.  Decided just marigolds and borage next year.  Live and learn x

The late spring and constant heat during the summer, both combined to make this a good year for butterflies. I have had a greater number of butterflies than I have seen for many years. I am currently replanting my garden to encourage more wildlife including our most pretty of visitors.



You are a lucky lot. Saw one swallow tail in early spring and one admiral, apart from that only lots of cabbage whites. Even the buddleias didn't attract anything much this year, not many bees either, despite the hot summer.


A little better than last year but not good here. Dave may have had constant heat, we had just one day when I was too hot. 

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