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Hi Everyone, what a wonderful sight in my garden.  I have a buddlier tree and its covered in butterflies there must be 30/40, myself and neighbours couldnt beleive our eyes we have never seen so many butterflies in all our lives, and bees too.  Here are a few photo's which I have taken for you all too see.  Hope you like them.






 Cheers, Lesley x


Same here.  It is a fantastic sight. First time in some years I have seen so many.  I have no idea why.


I said to OH the other day , that the whole garden seemed to be moving. Most of the butterflies were white ones, feeding off lavender and buddleja, but wriggling through the netting to lay eggs on the cabbages.

lucky you. we had a lot of white butterflies at the weekend but its those above that i want to see.


mind you my buddliea looks stronger this year than last but hasnt acually flowered which probably isnt helping any


Same here. Just fantastic to see them. Also lots of bees/ other insects on the golden rod,fennel,lieathrus (gayfeather) scabious. Enjoy I love watching them. Great photographs




Yes, counted 15 Peacock butterflies on a buddlia at coffee break this afternoon.  I'm sure there were more as I could only see one side of the bush.  Wonderful.


They might be as common as muck but aren't they just the greatest plant at this time of year? 

I have inherited a huge one here but it's not near flowering yet - will be beautiful when it does. 

great photos

my buddlia is about to bloom, so i am looking forward to seeing more , loads of bees

i think the reason for alot of butterflies this year is down to the warm sunny days we had this year compared to previous, butterflies dont do so well in wet conditions normally.


Well the sun came out, the buddleia came out...and the bees and butterflies came out:

 Good old Buddleias.  There are hundreds of bees on it just now - the plant is about 12 feet tall and I had to get on a chair to get the pix!


Stunning photos of both buddlieis and butterflies.  If I had a bigger garden I'd grow the blue and white together they are beautiful.  I've had loads of butterflies and bees this year too I'm delighted to say. ...but the dreaded wasps are around and I'm not so relaxed about them.  Came back yesterday after just over a week away and haven't seen a single bird in my fried and crispy garden.  Their food was empty so I'm hoping they've gone into another garden but I hope they are safe - they were so happy before I went away


Love the photos  There are so many Peacock butterflies this year (as well as the horrid cabbage white). Their main food is nettle so people must be leaving more to grow. Loads on the buddliea in the garden where I worked today. The neighbour said he had seen a silver wash fritillary on it too but I couldn't find it  

Great photos We have also had a great many Peacock and Cabbage white butterflies but also a few red admirals, again mainly on the buddlieas.This is the first time I have invested in a bird feeder and I wish I had done it years ago. 

flowering rose

hundreds of tortashell butterflies on the burdock at west lydford,so many it was a joy to see and again today on the Mendips hundreds of peacock butterflies on the wild buddlia growing on the side of the my garden i have lots of whites ,two peacocks,two tortshell , a comma and a woody one.


Only problem with the Cabbage whites is this

 Devastated our Swede leaves within 24 hours.

Lots of Peacocks and Cabbage Whites about this year.



Was at the nursery today and it was just teeming with butterflies and bees. Really lovely. Mainly torties and peacocks here but used to always get red admirals and painted ladies so I'm hoping they're still to come. the buddleia's covered in bees - various types - great to see so many. 

They do a lot of damage don't they Netherfield? I think fine netting's about the only deterrent that seems to work. 

fabulous....... I seem to attract cabbage white in my veg patch who has given me lots of caterpillars

Never mind next year I will be better prepared plant well away from the net so they cant get their eggs laid but I will make sure that part of the garden will have a special place for them xx


Gorgeous Butterflies. I also have a buddleja in my garden which has been inundated with all kinds of butterflies. I've also noticed that when it starts to get dark at night there is loads of moths hovering round the buddleja too.

Roy Hill

I'll probably be considered mad, but my nasturtiums are covered with large white caterpillars. There are a few small white caterpillars as well.

Netherfield - those are large white caterpillars. Small whites are plain green. Large white buterflies are partially migratory (if I remember correctly) and when the weather is good we get an influx of adults from the Continent. A bit like Painted Ladies.

Sweet Rocket (a native wildflower) is a member of the brassica family and is also a food plant for the 'cabbage' whites (well, it is here, anyway). The plant is a biennial and has done flowering by the time the whites lay most of their eggs. Anyone looking for a plant that emits a sweet, heady evening scent for the wilder parts of the garden might like to consider sweet rocket


We have also had loads of butterflies on our purple buddleias. I really like the white variety of this plant - does anyone know whether it attracts as many butterflies as the purple ones please?