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I managed to snap this Butterfly at a garden centre in Wiltshire. I fully expected it to fly off before I took my snap, but thankfully it stayed put. I think it's a really good image " Who's watching Who "?

I hope you like it.

hollie hock

I like it

On the subject of butterflies, I've seen several white with orange tipped wings.

I'd really like to know what they are called.

Emma Crawforth

Hello Robin Rowles,

I love your picture. Have you seen our gallery of butterflies?

Thanks for the i/d Dovefromabove.

I've seen some cabbage whites, but I'm sure there are more exciting sightings out there from forum users!

Emma team


hollie hock

Thanks, they are really pretty


can anyone help l found a Caterpillar on my fruit bush which l think is a gooseberry Bush the Caterpillar looks like a twig and it mouth part looked as though it was attach to the branch and all its body was sticking out and the colour was brown l would like to know is it a butterfly or something else


Saw my first butterfly of the year in my garden today. It was a cabbage white, but made me feel all summery.

Hi Coatsworth, it sounds like your caterpillar is a moth but not sure which.

Orange Tips food plant is Garlic Mustard or Jack by the Hedge.  As other have said they are lovely butterflies. I found a dead male in my greenhouse last weekend, which did not please me.


thanks for that burhinus  l will try and see if l can find what it is.

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