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Lyn, there's often confusion between nectar plants for adult insects and food plants for larvae. They are not the same thing. A lot of the larvae food plants are 'weeds' and no-one wants them. The larvae are caterpillars and no-one wants them except a few loonies like me

Any old plant with plenty of nectar will do for the adults



I am so excited. Saw a beautiful moth in the garden this morning and have managed to identify it as a Jersey Tiger moth. Now I can say I have had a tiger in my garden!

Took this one at the weekend. This is my first image upload so fingers crossed .......... why doesn't it enlarge when you click on it ? 


I'm using

and I have about 8 choices! I was hoping to get a thumbnail that opened into a large image when clicked on.

Any ideas ?

Singing Gardener

Hi Greg

The latest one looks pretty good to me when I click on it to get the enlarged version. A lovely peacock butterfly!

nmmmmm!.............. it wasn't doing that last night!

Also, that message ' Image hosting over 10Mb ' isn't something I've put there !

I'll have to look into it a bit more 

Yesterday I counted( with some help) 18 butterflies in the garden. Large Whites, small whites, peacock, comma, meadow brown and a red admiral. Me thinks the effort has been worth it.

That's a great total !

Hope you reported them here .................

 I took this photo last week during the hot, hot weather

Gatekeeper, stayed on the flower head for ages. The first in the garden so far.

 I keep checking the nettle patch for eggs, nothing yet

Lovely  photos and useful information   thanks


Four Red Admirals on the Buddlea today and a Speckled Wood 

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