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Simon Knott

My daughter raised and released some painted lady butterflies last year. Here is a short video of their release and some dahlias that I grew too.

Here is the link

Simon Knott

Patsy, that's the same place we got ours from - did really well. Good luck with your next batch.


Great video I love butterflies!!

Simon Knott

Thanks Kay8! Glad you enjoyed it.

Secret Squirrel

I don't mean to sound negative with this, but if we are continually told that butterflies are becoming rare, what are companies doing selling caterpillars to the general public. I know you lot are very responsible people but what if these kits are bought by people who think it's a bit of a game and get bored looking after them. Surely a breeding programme like this should be a bit more scientific

I welcome comments on this. It's not you I'm having a go at, just seems a bit irresponsible from the company making money out of this. 



I see what you're saying Mark, but on the opposite end... it makes people appreciate them and help to conserve these beautiful creatures!

I would like to think that paying for the pupae would deter people that can't be bothered or get bored.

I do see your point though!!

Singing Gardener

Caterpillars reared in captivity have a much higher survival rate than wild ones though so it probably balances out.

Lovely video and it really took me back! I used to raise caterpillars way back when I was a child. Peacocks, tortoiseshells and swallowtails. It always amazed me how tame they were even after they were released.

Simon Knott

Mark1963 I also understand and see what you are saying, however, a couple of points to ponder: perhaps painted ladies are not particularly rare? Also, if we didn't buy them, perhaps there would be even less of them? Who would sponsor the breeding programme? Hopefully most people who buy them are responsible.

We had 5 caterpillars and released 5 butterflies so we were very pleased with the sucess rate.

As kay8 says, raising the butterflies makes people appreciate nature a bit more as they feel connected to it.

Thanks to all for your comments!


If rearing and releasing Painted Ladies it would be a good idea to grow some thistles, an good nectar source for the butterflies and an important food source for the caterpillars - then you might have them breeding in the wild in your garden 


In a previous garden - only a few hundred yards from where I am just now - I regularly had Painted Lady butterflies. Perhaps it was all the thistles Dove! 

Simon Knott

Good idea dovefromabove regards the thistles! We do have some buddlea shrubs which attract the butterflies too.

The advantage of rearing and releasing Painted Ladies is that children gain a sense of wonder and familiarity with them. In conservation terms, however, Painted Ladies are a very successful butterfly and don't need anyone's help. They breed prolifically and millions of them swarm here from North Africa and Europe each year.

Simon Knott

Thank for that Joe the gardener - good to know they are not endangered!

Simon Knott

Starting to see some butterflies in the garden now. Is Summer on its way?

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