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I've just let the first butterfly out of the house into the sunshine. The first of many that have over-wintered in the house.

Aaahhh !!!!  That's lovely.  I hope he had his coat on, it's chilly out there. 

I saw one fly past me this morning about a foot off the ground, either a Peacock or R.Admiral, I couldn't see properly.  

that's amazing how lucky you are to have them spend the winter in your house !

i had a ladybird the other day when i was spring cleaning and giving my windows a good clean, think it came out of the window vent.


Simon, a delightful little video.  Nice to see the children so involved too.  

How do you rear Butterfly's, I like to have a go ? 



Really charming Simon, I did a batch of Small Tortoiseshell butterflies when I was a kid. Nettle leaf in a sweet jar. 


Iv googled it and will have a go come Summer.

 I don't know if anyone remembers the Comma butterfly on my garden wall last year or the Velocity? Moth laying dozens of eggs.  Im hoping I may have a ready made supply of Butterfly's this year.  


I'm currently (well not today in this weather  ) letting lacewings out of the shed and have a couple hiding in the spare bedroom, and they haven't paid any board for Winter lodgings 

Runny I remember the B/fly on your wall  Not sure about moth. 

As an update on my released butterfly. The next day when the weather got bad, it was battering on the door to get back in!
Simon Knott

GemmJF thanks for your kind comments too. My daughter really enjoyed doing them.

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