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chilli lover

I saw my first butterfly of the year today - a brimstone.  Anyone else seen an yet?


Hi Chilli - went for a walk with OH this afternoon, and couldn't believe the number of butterflies around.  Mostly brown ones with red wing tips (must get myself a book to learn their names!) and a couple of white ones too.

Seems strange to think that last weekend there was snow on the ground, and these fellas must have been hiding under rocks somewhere

We are obviously not the only ones smiling coz the sun has finally come out


Thanks Chilli - added it to my favourites bar!  Think the ones we saw today must have been tortoiseshells.  OH has just raised his eyes to the ceiling - he now knows that on the next walk we will not be able to move forward until positive butterfly identification has been made.

chilli lover

Yay chicky - there is just so much out there to see. enjoy, wonder about! I'm also a bit nutty about everything I see - want to know what it is etc Roll on spring proper!


Hi chilli, I saw two butterflies today, not sure if they were red admirals but they had that type of colour. Normally don't see many round here so to see two in one day was quite something.

Still waiting. Seen some bees though. Not sure what sort. Sort of gingery furry things, not bumblies or honey bees

Hi I've seen a couple of bees, tortoiseshell butterfly and a
Almost neon yellow butterfly not sure what it was never seen
One so bright as that!

The yellow ones are Brimstones, the males i think . Still waiting to see my first. Also orange tips, usually seen one of those by now

Only seen a few bees but they look very dozy
Oakley Witch

Not seen anything yet, but to be honest, I need to start looking them up to tell them apart. However, I have planted my garden up all for wildlife so hoping to see a few this year 


Sam - check out the link in Chilli's post above - butterfly identification for dummies like me!

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