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It's a lovely insect, I shall have to check the figworts for larvae.

Thanks all, I have searched through many websites and also agree that it is not a carder bees.  I spend a lot of time looking at the bees, etc.

After researching hornets, wasps, sawflies, there is nothing like this I can find.

It is definitely not a hornet, I wish I could have got a better photo, as the shape is completely wrong, also after researching the european carder bee and other carder bees, the marking are not close and the size is wrong.

Welshonion - most definitely at least 2 inches, the mesh is an inch square and on the 3rd picture it shows diagnally that it covers 2 squares

Waterbutts - I definitely live in Britain - Bristol.

Dove - I was researching on the NHM website and was considering contacting them but thought that maybe I don't have good enough pictures



You can but give them a try - no harm done 

I wonder if it could be a foreign import (maybe in cargo) and, because of the unusually warm weather, has been able to fly about.

I'd definitely give the Natural History Museum a go. Archivists love a challenge. Don't worry about the picture quality.  - if you know that insect you'll be able to identify it from them, no problem.

Ok I will give it a go with NHM now, wish me luck.

At the time my friend said to me you should contain it as it looked unusual, I thought it may be an import via cargo, it was very docile and looked like it couldn't fly very well.


Can't wait to hear the result!

I will keep you all informed

that looks fantastic, i'm excited to hear what it is !


I have spent ages trawling through sites too. Learnt loads whilst doing it but found nothing that looked anything like it so I too am waiting with bated breath for the verdict

Hi all

A quick update, NHM got back to me and stated that they thought it was an elderly carder bee.  hmmmm???

Thanks for all of your help

Hmmmm indeed!  I'm not convinced. Thanks for getting back to us!


Not convinced either. The shape is all wrong.


That looks more like it Mandy. Wait for mdw84 to verify. I want to see one now  

Farmergeddun wrote (see)

MDW It looks like the European wool carder bee Anthidium manicatum to me.

mdw84 wrote (see)

Hi all

A quick update, NHM got back to me and stated that they thought it was an elderly carder bee.  hmmmm???

Thanks for all of your help

It wasn't me who replied 


Thanks Farmageddun.  Although I am still not convinced it is. 

MANDY - It does look more like the short haired but to me is bigger than the pictures I've seen, do you (everyone) think I should reply to NHM saying I don't think it is?

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