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These caterpillars are very distinctive but I'm having no joy with caterpillar ID sites. Any ideas?

Ah, you beat me to it, and yes, Soloman's Seal Sawfly larvae as in the link. 

Thanks! Had trouble posting the pics at first but that looks like them. If they were something more pleasant I'd have left them but I think they can come off!




Have you or the neighbours got any chickens?  They'd love them 


You need to inspect and remove these sawfly larvae every day once you notice them - they are voracious and will completely defoliate the plants if left.  They are very, very good at hiding!

I just let mine get on with it as they always appear after the flowers are done and the plants never fail to spring up again, undaunted, next year.

Thanks! I've removed as many as I can find and I'll try and get out there every day.

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