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Does anyone know the name of the plant (weed) that is currently flowering in lawns.It has a yellow dandelion type flower about ½" across on a wiry stem about 4-6" high.

Sorry no pics!

Sounds like either False Dandelion - commonly know as Cat's ears (Hypochoeris radicata) or Smooth Hawksbeard (Crepis capillaris).

The leaf shape will be a better indicator of which type it is.

Both types grow stems very quickly that can reach about a foot in height and are an unsightly lawn menace.


Thanks,I will have to try and get a closer look at the leaves.

I actually want to introduce it to my lawn as part of my 'mini grazed meadow' project.

Lots of it in other peoples lawns round here but none in mine!!!


I have some nice ones in grass here. I think they're the ones known as Cat's Ear but not totally sure


Lovely when a lawn can serve a useful purpose, rather than being a bland monoculture.



I have been looking at a lot of lawns around here lately.

A lot of people don't cut them often and these are the ones that always look the most interesting with a great variety of different plants.

On the other hand the lawns that are cut and weeded regularly are dull and uninteresting.

I still keep my lawn tidy and do the edges etc and I draw the line at dandelions and plantains but I am now cutting not so often and with blades higher.My lawn is the lushest it has looked in 15 years!


I've negotiated a compromise with the dandelions: I tolerate them in the grass but not in the borders or the block paving.

Papi Jo
punkdoc says:

Lovely when a lawn can serve a useful purpose, rather than being a bland monoculture.

See original post

 Although I keep  my  lawn free of dandelions & other unwanted "weeds" I wouldn't call it a monoculture as the original seeds were a mixture of half a dozen different grass species. Plus my lawn does serve the useful  purposes of being restful and lovely to my eyes, setting off my colourful mixed borders, being soft to walk on, etc.

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