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In my garden I plenty of feeders for the birds ,what ever they may be.Ihave plenty of coverage of bushes and trees for them to dart into with their off spring .This year there has been no  end of differant birds coming to the table and certainly an increase in sparrows.I was sitting in the garden one day and looking up saw high flying in the sky a bird of prey ,right over the garden.the next day He was sitting on top of the Hawthorn giving me a clear view of him a sparrow Hawk..He didt catch anything while I was about and it would only be his dinner if he did,but he must  of noticed extra activity in the garden.


If there is an increase in prey, there will be an increase in predators. You support the whole food chain. The sparrowhawk has babies to feed as well.

Yes, we have two kestrels that use our group of bird feeders as a snack bar. They have flight paths worked out to take advantage of the shape of the house and surprise the birds with regular success. The other morning one surprised me and I it. I'd been bending down, weeding, and suddenly stood up just as one flew in for the kill at the table. Its wing hit my ear as it went past. No strike that time.


Yesterday I had a lovely view of a kestrel being mobbed by a large group of small birds, sounded like goldfinches but my eyes aren't good at looking up intothe sky. Higher still there was a red kite observing the action


I saw a buzzard last week, circling high on the thermals. I think he was looking for road kill on the M1.



He'll need to be careful snacking on the motorway

Magpies do that round here and don't move til the last minute

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