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Okay, so this probably isn't the right Forum topic but I couldn't think where to put it.

I want to use Diatomaceous earth as an insecticide.  The cat has had a bout of fleas and I think the chickens might have them too.  Looking into it, I think I could use it as a slug and snail killer and use it for red mite in the coop too.  

What kind of damage could it do?

You use diatomaceous earth on your cat?!

Stacey Docherty

I use it for my chickens all the time and was told that it was good for slugs and snails but its too expensive to use on the garden!


Probably mites/lice on the chickens.  Can be debilitating if it is a bad infestation. 

Louse powder is what you need.


I wouldn't waste it on slugs.

what is diatomaceous earth??

It's ground up prehistoric diatoms, little single-celled things that floated round in the primordial soup. Much like the sort of soup I make. It all ended up caked together and turned into a type of stone, I think, like limestone is made out of old sea shells.

End of waterbutts's knowledge.


I think it works by dessicating insects

I'm sure you are right Farmergeddun.


Big fan of D.E. here, for delousing my lovely ladies

thanks again waterbutts! (& thanks for making me laugh out loud re your soup - my cat jumped a mile!)

I've found a way of administering tablets to our two cats. Given up on offering a finger to be crunched and a hand to be mauled. Grind up tablets in a pestle and mortar, mix with a little butter and smear onto cat's back. Finicky old feline then does what all dirty cats do, gives itself a good lick.


Cats are quite easy to give pills to if you wrap them in a towel.  Tuck them under your arm and you have both hands free for administering the pill.  Open their mouth and put the tablet too far down for them to 'tongue' it up. Close the cat's mouth until they have swallowed the pill.  Release angry cat.

They won't speak to you again for a bit, but Hey Ho! that may be all to the good.

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