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The leaf-cutter bees have now stopped filling the 8-9mm holes in my bee house.  There are spare 8-9mm holes in that bee house and another new bee house.

Is it likely that any more bees will be coming along this year?


My Leaf-Cutters are still hard at work Mike, the Mason bees finished nest building at the end of June.

Conditions seem to be very favourable at the moment so I think they may continue building for a while.

composter238 -

Thanks.  The Mason Bees had filled all my larger holes by mid-June, we then found all the mud doors broken in quite deeply, 99% probably by a Greater Spotted Woodpecker that comes to our peanut feeder.

I cleared the remainder out and added 13 mm wire mesh, 37mm forward of thre canes, to keep further birds out.

Then the Leaf-Cutters came and filled a lot of holes, but that has almost stopped now, hence my question about August.


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