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We live in a area surrounded by trees/woodland/fields etc but our garden has one way in and out. Does this mean we will never get hedgehogs?


When we moved here the fences were rotten and broken - we found hedgehogs visiting every evening and hibernating.  When we had the fences renewed we cut a small archway in the bottom of the fence in the corner which seemed to be the hedgehogs' favourite area and we know that they use the 'Hedgehog Gate' to travel from our garden to our neighbours'.   However, if you don't currently have visiting hedgehogs it might be harder for them to find you if there's just one way in.

Have you looked at this site?

I'm sure you'll get lots of helpful information there 

Ya see I thought about a hole in the fence as there is a really overgrown snicket at the back but our garden is about a foot higher than the snicket and the base of the fence is concrete


They're agile climbers - make a hole and a ramp 

Scatter some hedgehog food each side of the hole at dusk each night and see what happens - you might not see them - you might just find their droppings on the lawn, but then one evening .................... 

hi, I also would like to attract hedghogs, some have been seen on the cul-de-sac i live on.

 Their are a lot of hawthorn trees, brambles etc at the otherside of my back garden,then a railway track, where i often see foxs, which have also been seen on the road. 

i am curious to know would cats, squirrles and the foxs' eat the hedghog food?




Each evening I scatter some dried mealworms on our ground feeder for the visiting hedgehogs & every night we are inundated with them. I have a cat & to my knowledge shes never eaten the mealworms.


If you think other animals and birds may get the hedgehog food (we find magpies and pigeons hang around looking for leftovers) you can put the food in a lidded plastic storage box with a hole in the side - it'll keep the rain off and the birds are unlikely to venture into a box. 

If you visit the site I linked to above, you can sign up to be a Champion and there's all sorts of ideas of how you can attract and protect hedgehogs. 

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