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Hi, I am new to this site and gardening. Have recently moved to a new home and am in the process of doing a wildlife pond which is 2.5m x 1.5m x 0.5m depth. i am having a small cascade waterfall going into the pond and will be adding various pond plants too i will be having a bog garden and also a wild flower garden.... what i need to know is do i need a pond filter and if i do would i get one with a uv lamp or would a uv be detrimental to good bacteria beneficial to the wildlife using the pond ie. newts, frogs, toads etc Any help/advice would be much appreciated


theres no need for one as mentioned by mello but as you are making a waterfall and require a pump anyway just run that into a home made chamber filled with floss and filter media made from a plastic tub with holes drilled then you could always have fish as an option good luck

Scott Asbury

I hope you get a pump with a very fine mesh you dont want all the underwater wildlife getting sucked up and churned up in the impeller, there the core to your wildlife pond.

If you've not finished the build how about running the cascade from it's own reservoir and having the pond separately? Daphnia keep my wildlife ponds clear but they won't survive a pump or fish, although they thrive despite a bit of use from mallards! they also do the job in the open, sunny amphibian ponds with little shade..



Hi, Please excuse the ignorant question but I don't understand using a separate reservoir?  Surely if the water isn't falling back into the reservoir as it would into the pond then this water source is going to dry up?


Debbie, this thread is 3 and a half years old. I don't think the people concerned are around now.

If you have a pond question I'd start a new thread


I have to say: I was wondering why it wasn't a new thread rather than raising the dead.


I've had fish in wildlife ponds Jo - in a really big pond they have little influence, especially if they're fed a bit, and even in a little pond, it can be fine if there's only one or two small 'uns  

just joined, not sure how i'm coming across these old threads, but its interesting reading non the less.  I will start a new thread though, thanks for the advice


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