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I thought the blackbirds would really like grapes but sometimes they stay there for days. They like raisins and they're just dried grapes. Is this general or are mine odd?


Probably suspicious that you're trying to trap them - people don's usually give them grapes, they usually have to steal them 


Suspicious lot. I suppose they're not the freshest or they wouldn't go out on the lawn.

It might be to do with the size or the colour.  I understand they're most attracted to blue, black and red (unless they were red grapes, of course.....) 



Green grapes probably look unripe to them and raisins are far more concentrated in terms of sugar and energy.


They were red and they proved me wrong today. All gone. Perhaps they were just too busy with something else before.

Caz W

We had some little bunches of tiny grapes on our grape vine this year but they were a bit too sharp for our taste.  Put them out to see if anything would eat them and the blackbird quickly scoffed the lot!

ceris hughes

They love pomegranates, split the skin around it to pull it in half and then half again and remove most of the pith so they can see the fruit before throwing it on the lawn

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