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Hi all, I'm just about to look this one up on the web unless anyone knows what it is?  About 1.5 inches (4cm) long:


Thanks nut!  They are really beautiful things but you have to be lucky to photograph one.  In the last 10 years or so I've only managed 3 shots of dragonfly-type things, but have seen lots which are always gone by the time I find the camera..


I've managed a few dragonflies if they sat still long enough but never a damselfly. 


I've been watching 5 pairs of blue damselflies laying eggs in pond today. I just can't keep track of their movements. Just too fast to see the markings. Beautiful.


Steve 309

It's certainly a damselfly - the two pairs of wings are identical; in dragonflies they're different shapes.  Mayflies have three long 'tails' sticking out at the end.

Very similar to one on another thread earlier this evening.


Those blue ones look as though they have internal lighting.


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