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Can anyone help identify what is attacking the worms in our garden?

It is a small (app19mm long x app 2mm thick) maggot like thing that seems to burrow into the poor worm and eat it from inside

It is most distressing to watch and even if the maggot is detached the poor worm still writhes in agony and eventualy dies

We value the wildlife in our small garden and appreciate it all has to eat but this is a most disgusting way to do it

I found that I had them in my London garden in about 1990. Tried telling everyone I could think of about them - Min. of Ag, gardener's World etc. Nobody interested. Now a pest it seems. Too late, as usual. They must have been imported with plants. See also: Ash dieback, Dutch elm disease etc etc.


nut That is so gross!!!!!  


addict wrote (see)

nut That is so gross!!!!!  


I told you not too look

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