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Secret Squirrel


I have found a light blue plain egg shell about an inch long in the garden, any ideas what bird it's from?


robins' eggs are blue


Might be wrong, usually am,  but thought Blackbirds had pale blue eggs. Inch long is a good size for an egg.


magpie been at  a nest ??? 



It is probably a starling's egg. They are pale blue in colour, plain and about 30mm in length (an inch ).

Dunnocks' eggs are a bright blue and smaller at 19mm.

Robins' eggs are white or lightly bluish white with sandy red freckles and blotches. They are about 20mm long.


Blackbird. We have a nest at work, currently 2 out of 4 eggs have hatched

Orchid Lady

I found one last week by my greenhouse, it had only just been put/dropped there and still had 'yolk' like stuff inside.  It's such a shame and I know full well it's the magpies so making sure I chase them away whenever I can now, or get the dogs to chase them away!!  Nasty birds 

Pottie Pam

Hopefully it's not a magpie. I believe that when the chicks hatch the parents carry the eggshells away fro the nest.

Victoria Sponge

I found half a shell on the bird table recently that I assumed had been left by an absent minded parent. 

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