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I was lifting my pumpkin to support and found this strange looking caterpillar.  It's about 2 inches long and has really big eyes.After trawling the internet I managed to identify it as an Elephant Hawk Moth Caterpillar. I have taken a picture of him and have put him back in the hope that he will turn into a beautiful moth.


Oh, you lucky thing! And such a stunning moth too.

waterbutts wrote (see)

Oh, you lucky thing! And such a stunning moth too.


Aren't they fab!!  I find these on my arum lilies :0) quite a size aren't they :0) 


I have had lots of the moths but I've never seen the caterpillars. I'll have to have a closer look. Fabulous


I haven't seen it today but I'm keeping a close eye out as I have never seen the moth before.


Found one in the middle of my herb garden once when weeding. Frightened the life out of me. Thought it was the head of a snake, which is obviously the intention. Nature is sooooo clever 

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