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Hi obelixx, if you can put up more than one bat box and place them at different orientations (see BCT web site) then that will increase the likelihood of them using your garden as a roost site.


I shall be sad if my roof space isn't used this year Pipistrelle, the bats are very noisy and smell a bit but I love having them


got bats here in north manchester . sure  they followed us from chester 12 years  ago.great on a summers evening at dusk . watching them fly overhead with a chilled glass of rosie 


I'm lucky enough to have at least 2 species of bats visiting each year.  I think one species is Noctule as they are large and I can actually hear them (sounds like 'clicking') but not sure about the others.  I enjoy sitting out on a warm night just after sunset and watching them flitting around catching insects in the fading light.  It's quite amazing how agile they are in the air! 

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