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back in April we built a little wildlife pond. Bought British native plants to put in it and since then we've watched and waited for the wildlife to arrive repeating the mantra "if you build it, they will come!" Up to yesterday we've had loads of birds use it for drinking and bathing. Loads of pond skaters, diving water Beatles And I'm sure other things I'm unaware of frequenting our watering hole. We also added some ramshorn snails (and often play spot the snail). we had found a couple of froglettes over the past couple of weeks which was great.  We have had so much pleasure watching the pond bed in, the flowers bloom  and the beasties moving in. But I really wanted frogs and today I finally found one in there. it looks like it might have taken up residence which I'm delighted at. 

anyway, hello everyone. I've lurked here since we built our pond, and enjoyed reading your posts, but now I have a frog I want to share 


 Oh and now I know I've got a frog I hope it starts chomping on the slugs and snail eating my hostas . 


We get dragonflies buzzing around the garden. It may take a year or two, but when the wildlife arrives, it is wonderful.

fidgetbones says:

We get dragonflies buzzing around the garden. It may take a year or two, but when the wildlife arrives, it is wonderful.

See original post

fidgetbones, I'd forgotten we had a dragon fly visit one day earlier in the summer. But up here we've had so much rain it's probably put them off coming out. Lol


If they lay eggs in the pond, then the nymphs  reside there for a year  until they change into flyers to buzz around.



Congrats  on first frog, don't count on him eating any slugs though, I have lots of frogs and toads and all my plants are chewed, 😀


What a lovely pond you  have  made.  I'm not surprised your frog chose it!   Hoping you have many more.

Sheps is a lovely pond and I love what you have done with the different size pebbles / rocks.

I don't have a pond, but I've always had frogs in the garden, there were 3 on the lawn the other night at about 22.30, it was raining quite heavy at the time and they were stalking the worms.

Also, during the day they hide in the Frogilo ( read Frog House ) and then venture out at night.

The honourable herpetologist

Well done! Consider the arrival of this adult male as a vote of confidence in your pond building skills. Let's hope he's joined by a female in due course. If you are lucky, and you have enough silt in the bottom of your pond, he may even overwinter in the pond, otherwise he'll look for a suitable nearby site. Have you got any log piles or a compost bin?


my pond too got completed in April and I've discovered a frog too.  All good in the hood!  As they say. 

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We're about to move across town for a down-size and will leave our old pond in the front garden together with its newts. Top priorities for the new gardens will be a gravel garden replacing lawn in front and a wildlife pond and bog garden in the back. I found Monty's series on the website about making a wildlife garden an interesting guide. I look forward to any tips please and also posting some photos in due course

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