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2-3ft high purpose built pond full of fish!  Trying to re-home the fish (free to good home, any takers).  Do i need to clear out the vegetation, remove the liner, lower the height of the pond? bit stuck as to how to turn it into a wildlife pond, any suggestions or advice would be welcome. thanks.


I think the 2-3 foot high will be the problem Lilly. Insects will manage that, they have wings. Amphibians and mammals won't. 

sort of thought that, oh well have to get the big hammer out!


Is it a flexible liner?  If not (and if yes so long as you are extra careful - put some old carpet down first to prevent puncturing) you can pile (on one side) rocks/bricks/stones/pebbles to the top to allow mammals and amphibians to get out - kind of like some steps.  This will also give them somewhere to hibernate.  On the outside you can put a rockery or something like it to give a way in if it's higher than the ground.  Keep the vegetation - that is what will attract the amphibians as it will be full of small pond life.


Can you do a few pix Lilly? What sort of size is it? As FG says, you can create a beached edge quite easily if it's a decent size. Difficult if it's small. If it's quite small the best options would be to lower it a bit all the way round and then work a rock/gravel slope in, or take one side away completely and rebuild to incorporate the graduated slope. Suitable planting round about will hide any untidy bits too.

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