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hi i threw some seed down last summer.  the plants grew well,  they are about the size of your hand now.  they are all leaves though at the min.  could any one tell me when the will flower,  thanks


They will flower this summer - usually the early summer although with the delay we've had with spring this year they might be a little later than usual.  One day you'll see they're beginning to grow upwards, and they they sort of take off like a rocket, you can virtually see them grow, and they'll have lovely big flower buds which start opening from the bottom upwards - I sowed some last year too and I'm looking forward to them blooming too.  

If you want more, when the seeds are ripe and the pods are beginning to open just cut the stem off and shake it over the part of the garden where you want more foxgloves 

Which colour have you planted?

im not sure what colours they are as they were in a wild flowers bees and butterflies mix so i will just have to wait and see.  as long as the bees love them then im happy.  thanks for the good news i will look forward to them.  do you think i could dig some up to bring home,  they are on the allotment at the mo. thanks


If they haven't started sending up a flower spike, and if you dig up plenty of earth with them and keep them damp and plant them straight away, then they should be ok, but do it very soon  

I expect they're the wild coloured ones, pinky plummy some darker and some lighter - with the little folks' footprints inside 


I dug a lot up from my grandads garden last year as he is overrun with them, and they survived fine. 


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