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Well I'm a nervous wreck now. The baby frogs have left the pond and now I daren't step on the lawn. Do other frog friendly folk mow their lawns,  leave it a while or crawl in front of the mower shooing the froglets along? method is to discuss cutting lawn very loudly prior to actually doing it........other than that, yes you need to stamp about in the likely hidey places before you start and ensure you are going slowly enough and making enough racket to make them move onto the borders


I think I will get my single handed clippers out, don my varifocals and crawl carefully around the lawn. Good job the pond takes up half the lawn. 


We leave areas of longer grass in the shadier areas and shoosh the froglets into it before mowing - and then we keep our eyes very open indeed and keep stopping to shoosh them back into their nursery!!!

Pottie Pam

I've got quite a big pond. I always have lots of toad tadpoloes but never frogs.  Its built on an old mining site so I wonder if the water might be too acid for frogs. This year the toad tadpoles don't seeem to have grown much and there's no sign of legs. The toad spawn was laid early so surely they should have developed by now.



That's a grand pond 

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