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hi ,I have aquired some tadpoles and have them in a small plastik pond that used to be in my back garden,I have installed it on my allotment and used only rain water to fill it how long doe's it take for them to grow into frogs,

regards derek,.


What've they got to eat (other than each other)?


air born insects and other creepy crawlys


How are the tadpoles going to eat airborn insects?  The tadpoles need pondweed/algae or something else suitable to eat - they will also eat water fleas and other invertebrates as they get bigger.  You may find advice here

Also here

Hopefully there are plants and rocks in your little pond  for the tadpoles to hide in or they'll get eaten by birds (amongst other visitors to the pond).



thanks very helpfull............




I alway used to expect froflets to leave the pond in mid-June.  They can climb the sides of the pond, can't they?  Have they developed legs and have their tails disappeared?


Yes, the first lot of tadpoles should have left the water by now, but sometimes the conditions aren't right for all tadpoles to metamorphose - sometimes it's overcrowding, or not enough nutrition, or maybe even the wrong temperature?  Not sure about that one.  Sometimes tadpoles go into a sort of stasis and remain as tadpoles over winter, so they will need a pool that is deep enough not to freeze solid, with the right sort of mud at the bottom, plants and rocks etc.  

If you're not sure what you're doing it might be an idea to get some advice from your local Wildlife Trust - they should know of a local herpetologist who can advise you.  Way back when we were kids there were so many frogs that the loss of a few in a tank on a sunny classroom windowsill wasn't a tragedy, except for the individuals concerned.  Nowadays as individuals we have a responsibility not to cause more damage than our race has already done.

Just a thought - where did these tadpoles come from?  They are British Native frogs aren't they?  I mean you wouldn't go releasing imported frogs into the wild would you?


I have my allotment in  Drogheda Co, Louth . Ireland, the tadpoles came from a pond that tends to dry out in may to sept . the froglets still have their tails and they are about 30-35mm


OK  Irish Native Frogs!  

At that size I'd have thought they'd have left the pond by now or they'll be doing it any day now - they'll need sloping sides to the pond in order to get out, and lots of damp greenery planted around the pond for them to hide from the birds in  - within a few days they'll all have left the pond and you won't see them for a bit - be careful if using a mower or strimmer around the allotment.  They leave the water while they still have the remains of their tails and absorb them into their body over the next few days.

In the course of things several will disappear down the throats of herons and others, but a few will survive to feast on your slugs.  Leave an area of long grass for them to hide up in.


thank you all for your very positive replys to my query.

summer is coming on wednesday and thusday according to the weather-men

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