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I am hoping I will have newts eventually as well. There have always been plenty of frogs in the garden, also toads. I did find a newt "crisp" on the patio one very hot  day, so they are all finding water not far from my garden..

 I envy my daughter as they have crested newts in their tiny pond, I have never managed to see one to date. 


since the pond thawed on Friday the frogs have been very active and it looks like there is lots more frogspawn - even though temperatures are still low c 5 degrees

The pond has thawed and the spawn looks alright, beautiful day tody but no new spawn.

There was a blizzard in North Cornwall today so temperatures are still very low.

flowering rose

they are back in the pond singing and spawning shame the weather has gone cold again.

Bunny ...
Pile of frozen spawn on tracks walking dog tonight no water that near by


My spawn has disappeared. I hope when the weather warms up the frogs have the incentive to try again.


We have more frogspawn this year than we have ever had and we have lived here since 1965. Everyday we get more and more Some that was laid first is looking a bit manky but hopefully the rest will have a chance.

I normally have lots of frogspawn, but due to the cold weather and my next door neighbour lack of consideration by blocking out the sun with his unsightly shed, I don't think I will ever have any frogspawn again


 Im on the south coast my frogs started the end of February. There is noe so much the entire pond is covered. In my mums pond she has tadpoles already.


Non so far - Northeast coast, south shields.


Hi. Here in Wiltshire we have our first frogspawn. What a welcome sight!


Here on the Wirral, lots of frogspawn developing, despite it being under a layer of ice for the past couple of weeks.

From so many I hope a few will survive to help keep the slugs at bay.


I had frogspawn appear in my wildlife pond about three weeks ago.It's since been frozen and snowed on.I just hope it survives.Seems to have been laid earlier this year and with less noise.Last year the sound of mating frogs was amazing!

I'm in the northeast - Co.Durham.

None yet in Leicester - though a couple of males have been spotted waiting at the bottom of the pond. Hope it warms up soon and encourages the females to arrive! Fingers crossed!



I have had some more frogspawn in the last few days while the earlier lot seems to be suspended in time and hasn't developed very much - waiting for warmer weather like the rest of us...

I, however, haven't seen a single toad this year (so far). They usually spawn a couple of weeks after the frogs but so far not a single toad, never mind strings of eggs. My newts are now active  and hopefully they are  'doin' their thing'.


I don't think a visiting heron and now a pair of mallards from the local park is helping with frog/toad/spawn survival much either this year!  



Morning All.

We had Mr and Mrs Mallard on our pond yesterday morning, don't know where they came from. They disturbed some of the frogspawn while trying to eat the weeds at the side of the pond. I cleared them of and they have not been back, thank goodness. The tadpoles are developing ok, a bit slow, but you can see a difference in size.


hi i live in worcester ang my pond is full of spawn to much, i have moved a lot to a smaller pond with no fish, so the grand children can see them better but i have also had trouble with the frogs attacking the fish ( or to put it another way not enought frogs so fish will do ) they will kill the fish you you do nothink about it
Our frogs tried weeks ago and produced spawn which then sat there and got frosted every morning. The frogs have been hiding from the cold weather. But today they are back - about 20 of them and they are making up for lost time, doing what frogs do and laying fresh spawn.

My toads have turned up today and are 'very active' - all paired up and at th bottom of the pond or sitting at the surface. Really pleased to see them as in all the years I have kept records they have never spawned in April, never mind half way through the month.

The frogs too have produced some more spawn other the last few day.s

 Spring is here!


Lots of strings of spawn this morning - 32 toads and counting ... A really wonderful sight. I'll see if I can get some photos tomorrow.