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Hi there

Anybody here from Midi-Pyrenees / South of France? I am taking down an old pig house and am worried about the lizards who live in it? It has to come down because it is a wreck but I don't want to disturb the wall lizards too much? Any advice welcome    Dave


I live in Dordogne and we have lots of those lizards. You are bound to disturb them if you take the pig house down, but if there are other nearby walls they will rush off there. If it's by itself in the middle of a field it will be more of a problem for the lizards.

Hi David I live in Haute Garonne and have just seen your post. I wouldn't worry too much about the lizards, they will soon find other places to hide. They go in all sorts of crevices and holes, even in the ground in mole tunnels and mouse holes, and (hopefully) with summer approaching they will be out sunning themselves!

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