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Knowing there was a little contretemps on a previous thread about Grass Snakes just wanted to share my pleasure at the appearance of one in my garden this pm.

I've had them in a garden in Cornwall in 1990 and more recently in France but this is the first one in this garden (Somerset). 

I am so pleased......made my day 


That's very good to hear Philippa. They live here and I saw a couple earlier in the season but nothing for weeks

I'm a little envious now

Sorry folks.  Just domt like snakes.  Luckily I have a walled garden.  Adders, when they hiss at me, are disturbing.  


I love snakes   We used to get grass snakes on the small-holding - it was wonderful to watch them swimming across the pond in the top meadow, presumably after the Gt Crested Newts 

We also get adders on the coastal heaths of Suffolk near my old home - I wouldn't take the dogs there, particularly on cold summer days when the snakes might be drowsy and irritable, but watching them basking on a sunny bank in the summer was a joy. 

Victoria Sponge

That is cool Philippa I would be over the moon...


Thanks all...........I was really pleased to see him/her

As with any animal......if it makes a noise/hisses at you, you are too close for comfort...........both yours and its...........snakes tend to avoid collision with you.......just a bit of care is needed.



Saw one last week, sadly not in our garden, but great to see none the less. We're lucky enough to have lizards and slow worms on the allotment. Fantastic bug hunters as a bonus.

Scroggin........glad to hear about your lizards......used to have them in Devon years ago but none so far here.  Plenty of slow worms tho........also a joy

Just coming away from Reptiles for a minute........does anyone have Glow Worms these days........used to have loads but not seen any for ages


there was a grass snake crossing the lane outside our house last week, so I know they're around. Never seen one in the garden. Our last garden in Hants had lots of slow worms but I haven't seen them here in Devon yet.

I'm aching to get some slow worms in our wildlife garden.

Orchid Lady
You have a walled garden really should open it up to the public as suggested on another thread......winky face

Guess what I've been watching in our little pond this afternoon ....  afraid the first pic's not for the sentimental .... 




 Well, I think our 'new' wildlife pond is well and truly established now 


Amazing pics Dove.  How lucky to be in the right place at the right time with a camera to hand. 


I saw it and snuck back into the house and grabbed the camera and then virtually crawled on my hands and knees across the grass so that I didn't disturb it.  There were lots of frogs hopping about in the garden - obviously they were getting out of the pond pronto! 


Dove.......murder most foul.............superb photo........definite cross over from "new" to "established".............

Orchid Lady

Fantastic Dove, he is beautiful  Poor frog, but that's the circle of life for you

Orchid Lady

Only half a post there, it wouldn't let me type!!!  I don't know if I'd be brave enough to crawl on the grass with frogs hopping about though not scared if them as such but wouldn't want one jumping on me 

Victoria Sponge

It makes me want to dig up my garden and make a bigger pond!


Our pond is only about 1m x 2.5m and only about 2ft deep (note the ecumenical measurements ).