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As someone that doesn't agree with feeding wild birds in the summer months how should i dry out mealworms and store them for the winter months?

Buying dried mealworms is very expensive indeed, tempted to try producing my own.

Thank you Edd.

No don't want to make a business out of it, interesting thought though i'll admit.

Freezing!!! I feel a fool, I should of thought of that one on my own and perhaps this negates the process of drying them at all.

Freeze any over produced / unused meal worms in the summer months and save them in the freezer until needed in the winter months.  Perhaps just take a handful out of the freezer as needed and put them out for the birds to thaw.  Just a thought.

Just thought that I may over produce in the warmer months and under produce in the cooler months when they are most needed by the birds.  

I personally have no issues with putting meal worms in the freezer with the Lamb Chops etc but others may!!!!!! 

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