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Stacey Docherty

Omg Edd this will save me a fortune buying these for my chickens!


Edd - what can I say. Wormeries and now mealworms. You're a mine of information 

Do you get invited to many dinner parties?....  

Orchid Lady

Very interesting Edd, but I'm a tad squeamish with creepy craw lies and not sure I'd be brave enough.  Really good info and very knowledgeable 


Edd thanks for this im onto it, now does temperature mean anything as i want to do the worm farm and mealworm in the garage that has no heat.


Stacey Docherty

Oh edd I wish I had hedgehogs I have badgers and apparently they don't mix with rata it hedgehogs but they do love meal worms as well..... 


Thats a great guide Edd, thanks. How many worms do you first put into your tub to start the process off?

I tried it once but things got rather smelly but I think that was because the container I used was far too small, and with not enough bran. I put out live mealworms every year to coincide with bird nesting season, so I may give it another go.

Im lucky to live reasonably close to live foodsdirect..


Excellent Edd, thank you

Hi edd

 i feed the birds,  and liked to grow them for the robin, all went well untill they stopped changing i just had a small tub of beetles.

i set them free into the garden

i may try again in the autumn.

Thanks for starting this thread. I tried farming mealworms last year they started off indoors then I had to put them in the shed where they did less well. It was too cold for them I think, and I knew I hadn't been adding any wet/veg material so they wouldn't have been as happy. I had read that you shoul remove their droppings/frass. I was worried that I'd be throwing away eggs and bran. Do you ever clean them out completely or do you just harvest them all then start again? I found that the frass etc aggravated my asthma but a lid would help. 

Thats all really helpful stuff.  Where do you get your bran and what do you use?  There seem to be lots of different opinions out there?


Thanks for bringing this back to our attention Edd! It's on my to do list to get a mealworm farm going.


Edd, without reading back on your thread here, and probably a silly question, but do you leave the lid sealed or do they need air, also, would the black beetles fly up when you open the lid, I dont mind whats in the tub, just dont like flying beetles in the hair!



Thanks Ed.


I use to breed them in 5 liter buckets with snap on lids. I put pin holes in the lids for air,  went for pin holes to keep flies out. Reading this I must get back to it, I did waxworms too, can't remember the details now but I do remember them being a bit more difficult to keep going. 


Got mine going again, thanks Edd as it was reading this thread got me inspired again.  

People often ask how to separate the mealworms from the bran when harvesting. I've seen so many ideas, but I put in some scrunched up kitchen roll. They crawl into it and there will be enough on the scrunched up kitchen roll, not mixed with the bran, for the daily feed. I shake this off into a spare bucket and return the paper to the culture. I think the kitchen roll helps too with absorbing any extra moisture and helping to stop it going smelly or mouldy too.


I feed my birds mealworms.  I can honestly say I have never thought about what they are. Am I the only one who didn't know they grow into beetles? Your truly learn something new everyday. Lol

plant pauper

Great thread so I thought I'd bump it up. I don't know if it's the appropriate time of year but it's very interesting info to carry forward...