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My neighbour just came across with some 'critter' on his trowel, the second one he's seen this week. I had no idea what it was but, boy, was it big?!

Turned out, after googling, to be an Elephant Hawkmoth pupa/caterpillar thing...... he threw it in the bin, I think. 

Certainly rescue it.......and the first one too, if possible, which presumably went the same way




Panic over.... I did rescue it and it is now in my garden, he was quite bemused by it all, the neighbour not the caterpillar, his wife had just emptied potato peelings on it but they both said it's still crawling around!

Apparently they love fuschias  and my neighbour has loads of them in hanging baskets, yes philippa smith2 I think it probably did.

At least one of them has a chance now.

Good for you Summerwine...........enjoy your own personal caterpillar (and hopefully your neighbour now knows to hand them over to you next time.)


Yes, Joe _the_Gardener  I agree but they can't stand anything out of the ordinary on their property so I guessed its fate. It takes all sorts......

Philippa I asked him to let me know if he finds anymore..... I can sleep tonight now.


  .... is that all mine? Yum!!

Found in my cold frame this afternoon, a big-eyed horny caterpillar (elephant hawk moth)  - and I couldn't believe my eyes.  It was absolutely beautiful, stunning.  I'm trying to upload my photo without much success at the moment but will keep trying.




Start with the tree in the toolbar Hpg. That works on laptop and PC. Phones are a mystery to me

Wow, well done! I love those


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