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I'm no expert, but they do suffer with fleas, etc. Those on my unedited video, are often seen scratching. Maybe the slowness is due to becoming drowsy and making ready to hibernate. Don't know where in UK you reside, but think that with the cooler nights now, hibernation is now on the cards.

Down here in the south, still eating well, and will have to buy yet another bag of dry cat food, and no the cat can't get to it, being tucked well under my shed. Must say was fun firstcouple of nights, watching him/her on camcorder video, trying to crawl under to reach it. Head and a shoulder only, so gave up, and now never bothers to stop.


Yes, I'm assuming ours will start hibernating very soon - last year our ash trees suddenly dropped most of their leaves, and the next day OH saw one of them in broad daylight taking leaves into one of the hedgehog houses we'd set up.  Sometimes they do this in daylight because the nights are so damp at this time of year and they don't want damp leaves to hibernate in.  We also put out some hay from the pet shop which they help themselves to. 

We found last year that they seem not to suddenly go into hibernation, but spend a few nights asleep, then come out for food one night, and then go back to sleep for a while etc at the beginning of the winter.  


Heres my hedgrhog.he ate the biscuits then tried to get int my slipper. I wouldnt put food under a shed though, rats may take a liking to it!




Thank you for your responses. I am following up on the link you gave Dove though I haven't seen the hedgehog tonight.


hollie hock

Great pictures Lyn, he's lovely



Hogs must weigh 600g or they won't survive hibernation. If late juveniles are found to be underweight contact your local carer on the Hedgehog Preservation site.  Vital you keep it warm, a hot water bottle under a cardboard box filled with strips of newspapers.  Feed dog or catfood, pref not gravy or fish flavour. They are lactose intolerant so def no milk.  To stop cats eating food you place for those in your garden, put a slab on four bricks over it. 

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