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Hiya gimglygamgly

Youre right. Forgot about those clearance areas.  I'm going to get whole bunch more,ofperennials but will check out local GC later.  I too love Pulmonarias.  The raspberry splash is a new one to me so I must have that now.

Urban wildlife.....good time, as ??ou say, to buy perennials to divide and pot up.  Think I have a hedgehog that visits me.  Saw,it only once though.  Should I start leaving saucer of milk/whatever in case it is calling?  Love to see it and encourage it.  

lucky you! I think I heard that milk can actually upset their stomachs, but they like dog food apparently

Dog food?  Dried stuff ok?  


Not milk - just water. They like cat food but I'd be wary of leaving that out in case the local tabbies just turned up!. You can get special food  from garden centres. Dove recommended it and I noticed my local one had it. She leaves a few raisins and banana chips out too. 

Oh right.  Will do that thanks fairy 



Think she puts out peanuts as well. Ask her later on hello forkers thread - she's sure to see it. Think the specialist food is little biscuits. 

Jim Macd

 Verdun, the dried dog food is probably okay at this time of year but remember how much it swells, so it's not good for feeding chicks. The magpies 'steel' anything my dogs leave and stash it in all kinds of places. If I'm feeding a hedgehog though I only put out 'wet' food. I've rescued a few babies out during the day already this autumn. Meant to say make sure there's plenty of water for them. I have to top my water bowl a few times a day since my dogs prefer to drink al fresco.

Thanks jim.  

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