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Any comments friends ?

Victoria Sponge

I can't follow the link but I looked at the site last time I saw your post.

Ive got 3 different solitary bee houses and a bumble bee nest house and none have been used. Had them for up to 2 years facing between south and east.

Saw a couple of large wasps (common or German?) in the back of one a few months back though...


For about 5 years we have put bee houses on our south east facing wall and they are always full. The bees were there though before the nesting tubes but I never realised they were looking for somewhere to live. I've been reading about parasites etc this year, as some emerged with visible mite infestation. So through the winter I will be spending the dark evenings making grease proof paper linings for the tubes and I hope husband will be making an attractive box to house them. He wasn't very happy with the tubes in tins this year!


Sorry as I am completely bad with anything internet and was not aware of these problems

The name of the site is The Pollinator Garden

I was trying to encourage our contributors to build bee hotels at home to bring up the population as the numbers of bumble bees apparently has gone down by 80% so we need the solitary bees  Masons  to fill the gap


I'm currently having a look for a bee hotel to purchase. As much as I would love to make my own, I just really don't have the time! Can anyone suggest a particular site to visit/purchase from? Perhaps where they put the money back into bee conservation?


The bees will love it

Try the RSPB or scrounge an old wooden box and stick in some sawn up bamboo

Let us know how you get on


Buds.........You can ask Victoria Sponge as above as  she appears to be sucessful

Just spent a pleasant few minutes sitting in the sun with a cup of coffee watching what I think are Wool Carder Bees (Athidium manicatum) muscling their way inside Antirrhinum flowers.

I’ve got Stachys lanata byzantina nearby, so possibly they can collect their nesting materials from that.

On these glorious sunny days I get lots of funny little solitary bees of all shapes and sizes.  Must put more effort into trying to figure out what some of them are!!

I've got leaf cutter bees trying to live in pots in my greenhouse. I don't mind encouraging bees but I don't really want them in my greenhouse. 

As soon as I've evicted them from one pot, they've burrowed into another 


These are some bamboo bee tubes I got at Harrogate Flower Show. They are just lengths of bamboo that have nice,smooth ends. I stuffed them in a clean dog meat tin but they were slightly longer. So I cut a 4 pint plastic milk bottle up to wrap around the end and form an overhang. They were tied to a down- pipe facing south-east on a very slight downward tilt. The bees do seem to prefer the smaller bore as I suppose they don't have to work as hard to seal the cells with mud. I think it's to late for the Red Masons now and always have tubes out as soon as weather starts warming up.

I do believe that other species nest slightly later but there isn't much activity around my wall now. I've brought these tin can homes indoors now. They will sit in a shoe box in the garage until spring, when I'll pop them back out ready for hatching out.

A neighbour bought one of those 'bug houses' sold in supermarkets and only one tube was used as the rest were too big. She was very disappointed.

Google solitary bee tubes, chop some bamboo (make sure it's hollow all the way through) and in autumn collect some hollow stems ready for next years bees.




Gillian53.............I have a goal to let as many of the people in the UK know about the plight of our bees and how easy and low cost to help tyhem

Bees pollenate our food and the less we need to import then the better it is for the UK....sorry bit of politics there.

Natter Jack....I have a BBC Wildlife leaflet called Pocket Guides   Number 11 Bumblebees  other bees and wasps...0870 444 7013

Fruitcake......Think I have seen a Wood Potter wasp at the bee hotel at my allotment

I have 3 children from neighbouring allotment  families watching out for visiting bees / wasps


When new neighbours moved in next door a few years ago she couldn't understand the attraction. But after watching them from her window for a few days, she went and bought some bee plants.

I work with a lot of supposedly 'clever' 20 year olds who can't for the life of them understand why we need any pollinators, let alone bees. One girl just didn't know that apples etc come from the flowers and spent all day trying to think what we would eat if there were no pollinators. I was go gobsmacked!! After a friendly talking to she also decided to stop killing any bumble that gets too close. I told her it's her fault for being in their flight path.

So NewBoy2, I'm with you all the way on spreading the word.


Sounds good to me

Apart from the necessary work Bees do, they are fascinating creatures to observe .

As for the younger generation not knowing what we take for granted, it is a truly appalling is such a great pity that we have moved so far away from the natural phones really don't even begin to make up for the lack of basic awareness of the world around you.......whatever the hype

Electronic bees maybe ?????


Gillian53   and  Edd

Do you think I should start a fresh thread and add the link again and this time explain what it is ??

Im just trying to spread the word about our lack of bees



You know I'm sure I read an article about robotic bees being designed...


I can't remember how much I pay a year (but not a lot) to be a member of Bumble Bee Conservation. You get a sticker for your rear window (if you have a car), an identification chart newsletters etc. Lots of info on the site and a worthy group/charity.

 I've never seen anyone else with a sticker.





I have ordered two copies of an identification chart from NHBS at £3.50 each so I can educate the "Allotment Children " as one little chap thought pease came from tins !!!

Its going to be a long journey !! 

Bumble Bee Conservation is just £20.00 pa so I will be joining today

Thanks for the guidance Gillian53

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