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Hi all, I was thrilled when I reviewed my trailcam photos from Friday night - it looks like I have a new baby hedgehog at the watering hole.

Mummy (I assume) hog:

and hoglet:

Just off out to collect memory card for last night to see if there are more photos.


That's wonderful!

We have had 2 fatalities on the roads round here in the past week and I only saw 1 hog in the past couple of days,normally have 3-4 each night so am a bit worried.

Trail cam will go out again tonight!

It's great to see a hedgehog success!!!

They've chosen your garden for a reason and kudos to you Sir for creating a habitat they're breeding in!


Super news. Bob...and great to see the little hoglet 



Dave, the garden has been pesticide free for several years now and I actively encourage wildlife by having lots of 'untidy' areas and piles of wood etc., so there's food & cover.  I'm sure that's one of the main reasons.  Fresh water every night too which is heavily used by the birds during the day.

They were both back again last night - Mum first then hoglet 10 minutes later:

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How wonderful Bob 😀 

We've had a hog visiting us for a couple of months now and 2 nights ago couldn't believe it when it was joined by another one at our back door for the nightly visit to hog biscuits & water!  It would seem from the circling, stalking & much snuffling there's a mating ritual in progress!!  Crossing fingers for hoglets 😊


Ooh, let's hope so Fifs!  They can get quite loud when 'in the mood' can't they!


Well done Bob, brill news! Would love to see the new video footage. 

They certainly can Bob!! 

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