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We'd like to attract bees (or other pollinators) into our polytunnel, which is opened at both ends on warm days. Any suggestions as to what we might plant in there?

Somthing small that won't get in the way of other plants is thyme. Bees just love the flowers.

Busy Bee2

Get a hive.  Well I would say that, wouldn't I...!


calendula is easy from seed and the bees love it

Allium sphaerocephalon. The bees adore them! I tend to plant to attract bees but these are the bees knees! 


Wow, quercus rubur! They look dramatic! Never heard of them. RHS site says plant in full sun. Do you think they'd be OK in the tunnel? Also they grow quite tall - how much space would they need? Might grow them outside anyway - our bees obviously need all the help they can get!

How's about a lavender plant in a pot?  Also echinops - which the bees adore!  I have some in my garden & the echinops flowers are constantly covered in bees.  Either plants could be grown in pots & put in the tunnel to attract bees during the summer season

Hmm Chris hadn't thought about the full sun aspect. As they're quite cheap it'd be worth trying a few. How about planting some just outside the tunnel?


They grow about 2 ft tall. Here's a photo I took last year

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