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Eek you really want one of those in your garden  

Kill it with fire I'd say  not that I would  ..

but I'd definitly wouldn't want one of those on my plants .. gah.. *shivers*


Ceratostigma is a favourite for the HBHM here, the shrubby one, willmottianum? or something like that.


..just bringing up this old thread as I have another  moth to identify...nutcutlet and others were good enough to put me in the picture previously....  this is probably another Silver Y but might it be something else instead....please...?  thank you...




oh thanks so much nut....sorry took so long to get gets in the way.

...I note the larvae feed on herbaceous if we don't have enough problems...   thanks again...


Sorry about work Salino. It's lovely when it stops


..I bet.....I'm not sure I'll ever know about that keeps me going...I think it's the only reason I go out...

We had a group of these moths on nicotiana last year.  The variety had small flowers, not the ones with long trumpets.  The bees found a way to drill through the back of the flowers like they do with runner beans and bypassed the fertilisation process. So, as the plants actually never set seed they lasted well in to the autumn!!

This year I have seen only one so far - on an angel eyes pelargonium.

Hummingbird Hawk Moth..........first sighting this year for my garden this usual first port of call is the Valerian

Feel really sorry for it tho as 5 mins later, the heavens opened.......again


I'm still waiting Philippa. But I have seen the first cinnabar moth

I saw a Hummingbird Hawk Moth on 29th May feeding on Centranthus ruber 'albus' (white form of Red Valerian). It moved on before I could grab my camera

Seemed to move past the red and pink flowered Centranthus plants without stopping to feed. Whether that was a coincidence or was displaying favouritism towards the white form I don't know.

NJack...I have both the Red/Pink and the White form of Valerian.   Today's favourite was the Red but poor thing didn't get long due to rain.

Other years I'm pretty sure they have been on the white....both forms mixed together...but not something I noted.......just that they were there and feeding.  I'll try and remember this year to see if "my" HBMoths favour one over the other.

Nut.......Cinnabar moth........lucky you...........not spotted yet


Far fewer in recent years than previously Philippa. The larvae feed on ragwort and there's usually plenty of that


Nut....I'd thought there had been a concerted effort to reduce ragwort ( tho that probably hasn't made a great deal of difference) because of the toxicity re horse/cattle or am I thinking of something completely different ? Do you think that answers the decline of the Cinnabar ?

My area is pretty agricultural but I see Ragwort about.  I had the impression that you were supposed to report any growing and were responsible for getting rid if growing on your land where it could be eaten by cattle ?

I just seem to remember that we were always concerned about Ragwort at Whipsnade Park because of the Bison and that was donkey's years ago.

The rules and regulations seem to change almost by the minute so I could well be talking out of the back of my head here....but that won't be anything unusual



Phillipa as I understand it there's no legal requirement to control ragwort, I won't be harvesting my meadow for hay and we're surrounded by arable land where everything not a crop is sprayed.

The general panic about ragwort may have affected  cinnabar numbers though. What happened previously? Horses were my big thing as a teenager and I can't remember any problem

Nut...........thanks........Yes, I can remember being a horse mad local stables would probably now be accused of slave labour........I'd clear any amount of muck just for a free ride  And you are right.......I don't recall any problem.....nor with the cattle on my neighbour's farm...........

I guess the Ragwort thing is perhaps just another in the long line of things we must be aware of, not touch, eat etc  Sometimes I surprise myself that I am still alive having been exposed to so much stuff that is nowadays "not good for you".

Still, as Hinkley Point is not too far away, that may well finish me off.....despite the anti radioactive tabs they issue us with every year


I think it will be the human race that finishes us off 

Slave labour, yes, I think that's an accurate description. I even gave riding lessons and escorted rides out. I didn't have the knowledge or experience to do that

Think you may be right there  Grumpy old Gits aren't we

But with more nous I suspect