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just thought i would note to you all that in the last 5 days i have seen a huge abundence of ladybirds in my garden.. all 6 spots on their backs.. and they have set to on the blackfly on my runners..

so glad to see them


so glad you have ladybirds as l have only seen three which is not good concidering l am organic and l have lots of black flys on my runner beans


pretty low here, though other insects on the increase. still hopeful


Have seen a couple more but still not hopeful for loads 


well hopefully they will be appearing soon.. i had amost given up on them this year.. even my nipper noticed them all..

i have been moving them form some plants and putting them on my runners.. keep them busy.



I posted about them turning up all of a sudden a few days ago GF. Isn't it wonderful when they finally do  I moved them too lol.

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