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(Sorry about blurry photo - was windy out there today!)


David Matthews2

I'd  go for Cabbage White butterfly - but it's so blurry that I have to be a little uncertain.

Victoria Sponge

There seems to be a few of them doesn't there...

If any have their bums in the air I'd check out sawfly larvae...


I think Vic is right, saw fly larvae. Judging by the numbers and what they eating


I agree - sawfly larvae - they're having a go at my Rosa Bonica too



Hi, yes, I was looking at earlier and come to the same conclusion.

not sure whether to bin them or hope the birds get them.   I'm in a good wildlife area so apathy seems to work for pests.  But don't want them overwintering.

i also found a dagger grey moth caterpillar today.  Fascinating!

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