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Can anyone help me identify this caterpillar i spotted this morning?

It appears to have a white lower body and black/plum upper body.  i have done a quick search through google images but i dont know of any good webpages to identify caterpillars.




Singy there's  a site called Wild About Britain which has a post by someone with a similar looking caterpillar wanting an ID. Perhaps you could put yours on there. Not sure if yours is the same one  

Uk safari is quite good as well 



I like UK safari. Couldn't see this one on there though. 

I wondered if it was one of the drabs, Northern perhaps but I'm no good at caterpillars apart from the very distinctive ones.

I got some great ID charts for amphibians for the grandchildren from UK safari. They've got lots of different ones.

I posted this on the forum you suggested FG and got  a correct response, it is a Mamestra brassicae (cabbage moth)



I'll make a note of that site Singy and Fg. I've got butterfly and moth books but their very poor on caterpillars

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