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The pond is only a week old and I still have to put in the nymphaea lily as well as the starwort to balance it out.

First impressions though... Does it look ok for attracting amphibians and other critters to my garden? I got speaking to a neighbour today and he told me that there are no other ponds nearby and he's only ever seen a few frogs in yrs. it's left me a bit disheartened, however I will hope for the best that we attract something to the garden.


Yes, you will attract wildlife.  Frogs and toads travel long distances.  Dragonflies and newts too.  Just leave the pond be and things will come. The birds will bring things in on their feet, too.

But if you leave that watercress in there you'll never see them through the foliage, and one of the joys of a pond is watching what's going on in the water.


The photos are tiny, I cant get them to enlarge. I dont knowif thats a fault with my conputer or not?


its not your computure leadfarmer as mine are tiny too

Thanks Welshonion- Apologies for the size of the pics. I uploaded them on my ipad and they do seem very small. 

i put the watercress in to help clear the water before the starwort arrives this week. It's just free floating. Will the water be ok for wildlife if I remove the cress? It looks murky at the moment but I imagine that new ponds will have a cycle till they are just right?

A friend suggested to me today to put a bucket of canal water into the pond ( i live by a canal) in it to start things off but I'm really not sure about that idea. 

I will just play the waiting game I think. Good job work is so busy, it will be good to have a distraction! 


hollie hock

I have a small pond put in a couple of years ago, about 6 months later I saw my first toad. I don't see them very often but I have seen a couple on one occasion. Really pleased to see one yesterday, no idea where they came from, they just arrived.


When we moved in to last house the previous owner said to us 'never seen any frogs but there's always all this frogspawn'...he obviously never went in the garden cos the place was full of frogs and toads!

Judging by the state of it-no, he never went in the garden 


Plant lots of lush plants in the garden around the pond to give cover to the frogs, toads and newts visiting the pond, and giving them somewhere cool to hide in the heat of the day 

Thanks guys. I'm impatient for the grass seed to grow round it now. 

Make sure that you have plenty of plants growing between the rocks for them to grow over, for newts its very easy to get burned in the summer as the rocks soak up all the heat from the sun. I'm sure you get plenty of wildlife into the pond but it will take a couple of months, depening how accessable the garden is for them.

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