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any idea what this is? There are quite a few over my hazel







Hi Frozz, that's a ladybird larva, 100%.  Lucky you!

Cool, are they rare then?


Not many about this year so far - they'll be chomping away on your aphids - that's why you're lucky 


I guess this is one turning into a ladybird?



Absolutely : lucky you!

Hi Fozz, I have for the last 3 years had Ladybirds breeding in my front garden on these wildflowers that grow there.  I watch them mating then the lava and then watch them hatching.  I have 3 ready to hatch out at the moment.  I have even had 4 tiny yellow ones with lots of black spots on them.  Even my neighbours and the post man look to see how they are going on.  I have lost count as to how many have hatched dozens I love them



Which wildflowers are they on?

Hi Dove, Haven't a clue what wildflowers they are but they come up every year will take a photo ok


RAGDOLL- if you can let us know what flower it is I'd get one! I haven't seen any ladybirds at all this year - in fact I've seen hardly any in the last 3 or 4 years so I'd love to get something to bring them into the garden. 


Sounds like harlequin ladybirds 


This year ladybirds is ladybirds is ladybirds 

We're not going to eradicate them now and we need ladybirds of whichever variety.

But I'd be interested to know whether any Harlequins were imported and sold on as ladybird larvae in the early days of using them for organic pest control.  Do you think anyone would tell us, even if they knew?


On the plus side 2 four spotted ladybirds landed on my friend when I was at her house today


What was she wearing?  Would she like to come and stand in my garden for a morning?


 Hi Everyone, These are my ladybird lava on a rock and the wildflowers that come up every year you can see lava on leaf, I haven't a clue what wildflowers they are so if anyone knows would love to know what they called and ladybirds love them.




LOL dove. We were sat underneath a tree at the time. Think it had a lot of aphids on it.

I'm no expert, so I don't know if it's a Red dead-nettle or perhaps Black horehound. Hopefully a proper expert will be able to identify it

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