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A long time ago we had a beck at the bottom of our garden - it was great, it formed a natural boundary to our property, gave us the opportunity to have plants that love to have their feet damp all the year round and don't mind the occasional flooding, and we saw so much wildlife in the garden, grass snakes, frogs, toads, herons, water voles and lots of birds who lived amongst the reeds.

Where we live now is near to a river and marshland, but we can't see it from the house - we do get frogs here - anyway I'm thinking of creating a small wildlife pond here.  The garden's not big (12m x 12m) and we have the veg patch and two big ash trees as well as The Shady Bank to consider, and I don't really want to run electricity to it for a pump.

What's the smallest viable wildlife pond I can get away with, to be deep enough for frogs etc to overwinter in the bottom, and to have enough oxygenating plants to remain healthy?

And of course, any tips/ideas are welcome.


I had a small pond in my marital home's garden which was about 1m x1.5. plus a sloping beach, which was around .5/.75 sq m, going into the surrounding border so not big. It was in the front garden which was smaller than yours and also had two mature trees adn quite a bit of planting. There was a small wood to the front of the footpath outside  and we had loads of birds etc coming in. We had loads of stuff in it - snails,pond skaters and frogs etc and it was lovely. It was about .5m deep in the middle. I only had oxygenators and no pump, and we had no problem keeping it healthy.


That sounds good FG, thanks - that's just what I'd hoped to hear.  

By the way, you've got a couple of PMs, just in case the notifications aren't happening 


Forgot to say we went to the local pond in the park at frogspawn time too and got a jar of water to start it off. 


Tried to have a little look for pix of my old pond Dove but they were pre digital camera so I'd need to re take them or scan them. Will have another look later. We had a retaining wall coming round the side  of the house and I just extended it a bit to contain the pond. The girls were young at the time and could sit at the side and look for diving beetles and snails. I used watercress when it got blanket weed and it was brilliant fro keeping the water clear. 



That's a good tip Fg, thanks.  

Our pond will have to be in the lawn over near the ash trees so will involve some tough digging with the tree roots - I've got the builder coming to do some bits and pieces after Christmas - I might ask if his 'big strong son-in-law' has got time to dig a hole, as well as doing a bit of fencing for me.  

After all, if he's got his spade out ........... 

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