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Victoria Sponge

I had some thing similar to this in my pond earlier this year and I thought it might be a back swimmer. This one was on a plant although I knocked it to the floor by accident

 Quite an interesting thing close up


Yes. Back swimmer larger than the lesser Water boatman. They can be attracted by night lights and can fly out of the water.

They can bite.

Thanks for that Edd I never knew about the back swimmers, always thought they were just water boatmen. Also glad I now know they bite as we get alot of them in the pool ( not that fancy just an above ground plastic thing ) So ill be getting them out before getting in from now on !
Victoria Sponge

Never seen one before this year- great stuff

I didnt know there was more than one type of water boatman, or that they bite!


Victoria Sponge

I think these are a different family to the water boatmen and they swim the right way up. These swim upside down.

Cool, eh?

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